​​​​Rock Steady Boxing Seattle North

About Our Coaches

Jodi first heard about Rock Steady Boxing through a group email that a family member stumbled upon. she watched a news clip from another affiliate and was amazed and so excited. Her dad has been diagnosed with Parkinson's for over 7 years now and is still doing pretty good, but she have never felt like she was able to understand what it was like for him, and never really understood the magnitude of the disease. Donovan and Jodi immediately  up for the training camp in Indiana, and figured they would just check it out and see what we could learn. We both learned so much more than we could have imagined, and was immediately hooked! Donovan and Jodi are very ambitious, and constantly strive to learn more and challenge themselves, so they knew that they wanted to put as much energy into learning everything they could to be the best coaches possible. Fitness has been a big part of our lives in the last 6 years, and boxing is something we both have always loved to do, so we have worked vigorously  at gaining the proper knowledge and experience to teach our fighters. Both Donovan and Jodi are  Certified Rock Steady Boxing coach as well as having their Personal Training Certifications with ACE, PWR Moves Certified Trainers for Parkinson's specific exercises, and Level 1 and Level 2 Boxing Training through the Box n' Burn Academy.  Donovan is also a licensed Massage Therapist. Of course they are never done, and can't wait to continue to learn and teach and hopefully make a difference in our fighters lives. Jodi is thrilled to say that she convinced her dad to sign up for a local Rock Steady program in Minneapolis, and he is loving it! 

Our Coaches

Jodi Loomis- Ace CPT, PWR Moves Certified Instructor, B n' B Level 1 & 2 Boxing Certification 

Donovan Loomis- Ace CPT, PWR Moves Certified Instructor, B n' B Level 1 & 2 Boxing Certification